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Old Pioneer Cemetery

It is believed that this cemetery is the oldest designated cemetery in the Western Reserve.  Henry Lane Jr. donated this land for the sole purpose of a public burial ground.


Sarah Fitch Adgates’s headstone, with a date of Sep. 9, 1804, makes it the oldest existing stone in the cemetery. 


Mrs. Eunice Woodrow, wife of William S. Woodrow, who died on Mar. 21, 1897, was the last to be buried here.


Members of the Trumbull County Genealogical Society have dedicated themselves to preserving the Old Mahoning (Pioneer) Cemetery, located behind the Akron Children's Hospital, at 661 Mahoning Ave., Warren, OH.  General clean-up days are held regularly and with the help of Boy Scout Troops the split rail fence, and entrance walkway have been replaced and a new sign erected.  Old stones have been up-righted and new stones were put in for seven of the War of 1812 veterans. 

Known Veterans buried in the Old Pioneer Cemetery

































A complete inventory of the cemetery, which included cleaning, measuring, photographing and assessing the condition of each stone, has been done.   A survey was also done by the John Payne Company of the Kentucky Light Dragoons.


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Trumbull County, Ohio - Old Pioneer Cemetery Survey Index     



Trumbull County, Ohio - Old Pioneer Cemetery Survey

A self guided walking tour is available to download






AUSTIN, Calvin – d 1819

BAKER, Henry – d 1854  no stone

BELL, David – d 1833

BROWN, John – d 1861  no stone

BROWN, William – d 1828  no stone

CRAIG, Robert – d 1844

DUNLAP, James – d 1858

EDWARDS, John Stark – d 1813

HADDOCK, John – d 1866  no stone

HARSH, Jacob – d 1851

KING, John – d 1854

KINNEY, Thomas  no stone

LANE, Benjamin – d 1866

MATHEWS, James – d 1834

NIEMCOZYK, William  no stone

POWER, William – d 1817

QUIGLEY, James – d 1822

SCOTT, Mathew – d 1863

SMITH, Joseph  no stone

STONE, Roswell – d 1833

WHITE, Charles – d 1866

WILSON, Charles – d 1863

WOODROW, Edward  no stone




FREASE, Charles – d 1868  no stone

RAWDON, Martin B – d 1869

SCOTT, Benjamin – d 1878  no stone

WATERMAN, Calvin – d 1864  no stone



ADGATE Sr., John Hart – d 1809

ANDERSON, William – d 1837

BROOKS, Oliver – d 1849  no stone

DANA, Daniel – d 1839

FITIAN, Isaac – d 1834

HARMON, Reuben – d 1806  no stone

HARSH, Henry – d 1828

LANE Sr., Henry – d 1806

LEAVITT Sr., John – d 1815  no stone

McELROY, John – d 1841  no stone

NETTERFIELD, William – d 1846  no stone

RANKIN Sr., Jonathan – d 1842

RAWDON, Captain Ezra – d 1824

REEVES, Joseph – d 1847  no stone

RUTAN, John – d 1835

SULLINGER, John – d 1845  no stone

TAIT, Thomas – d 1836

TAYLOR, Simon – d 1828  no stone

TAYLOR, William – d 1834  no stone

WILLIAMS, John R. – d 1835  no stone






BROWN, William – d 1855  no stone

HALL, William – d 1852

MATHEWS, James – d 1858

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